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Apartmani - Skoric
Apartmani - Skoric
Picture of BOL

Bol - The cult beach

Situated in a secluded place, on the southern coast of
Brač, Bol is the oldest town of Brač and one of the most
famous seaside resorts of the Adriatic.

Apart from cultural monuments, Bol also features a number
of natural beauties. East and west of Bol are numerous
shores, beautiful beaches; the most famous - and
probably the most beautiful on the Adriatic - is Zlatni Rat.

This pebble cape is a unique phenomenon - it stretches
into the open sea in the shape of a tongue,
with its tip changing the form and moving to one and
another side, according to the direction of winds and
waves. A story has it that this is the only beach in the
world that runs vertical to the coast.

Above Bol is the mountain range of Bolska Kruna
(Bol Crown), the Illyrian hill-fort Kostilo and Vidova Gora
(778 m), the highest peak of the Adriatic islands.
Bol has a years-long tradition in tourism.
The Society for Beautification of Bol and Tourist Traffic was
established here in the 1920s. The construction of the first
accommodation facilities started in 1963,
to experience a rapid development during the seventies.

Today Bol offers a number of modern, high-class hotels,
hotel villages and apartments. Numerous restaurants in
the town offer specialities of local and international cuisine
and exquisite wines of Brač (the famous "Bolski Plavac").

Bol also offers many cultural and entertainment programs.
The most important event is the folk feast of Our Lady
of the Snows (5th of August), in commemoration of the day
when, a legend has it, it was snowing here;
it is also the day of the Bol municipality.

To those who are keen on sports and recreation Bol offers
25 tennis courts, the central court having 1,820 seats.
This is also the venue of top-class tennis tournaments
(WTA Croatian Bol Ladies Open).
Other sports opportunities include windsurfing,
water sports, boccia, bowling, indoor football, basketball,

Diving, underwater fishing and hang-gliding
(from Vidova Gora) are also organized.
Bol lies only 15 km from an international airport for small
aircraft and has very good communications with major
European cities.

Connections with Split are provided by means of fast boats
and a ferry line via Supetar. During the tourist season,

excursions are regularly organized (to Split, Dubrovnik,
Makarska, Hvar, Jelsa, Vrbovska, Mljet, Medugorje).
In the vicinity of Bol is one of the most attractive excursion
destinations on Brač, the famous Blaca. West of Bol,
above the village of Murvica is a cave called Drakonjina
Spilja (Dragon's Cave), featuring numerous reliefs,
carved in stone, of a great artistic value - depicting
dragons and other fabulous creatures.

Attractive are also excursions to Vidova Gora,
with a wonderful view on the neighbouring islands and the
typical Brač specialities - prosciutto, cheese, lamb, wine - in
a wine cellar situated immediately below the highest peak
of the Croatian islands. BOL, a town and harbour on the
southern side of the island of Brač, at the foot of Vidova
Gora (778 m) and Dratevo Brdo (627 m), in a fertile field
with permanent sources of potable water.

The name originates from the Latin word vallum:
an earth fortification with palisades. Economy is based on
farming, viticulture (Bol houses a wine cellar with a
capacity of 150 wagons), fishing (salting of anchovies) and

Sand and pebble beaches (Zlatni Rat, etc.) stretch in the
total length of some 15 km (from the Martinica Cove in the
east to the Blaca Cove in the west). The southern coast of
the island (west of the Konjska Cove) offers excellent
opportunities for underwater fishing. Bol is located on a
regional road.

A steep hiking trail leads from Bol to the
vista point on Vidova Gora (Vitus' Mount). About 5 km west
of Bol is the village of Murvica, above which is a deserted
monastery with a cave church.